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Error in using with german SP2013 farm


after installing and successful activation of your solution, I tried to use advanced lookup in a list. But within any list, I simply get an error with an correlation id, that something went wrong and a column is missing.

Attached you find a copy from ULS filtered by the correlation.

The german error message is:
Die Spalte 'Titel' ist nicht vorhanden. Möglicherweise wurde sie von einem anderen Benutzer gelöscht. /projekte/DropOffLibrary

Tranlated something like:
The column 'Titel' is not found. Proably it was deleted by another user.

Hope that helps to figure out what's wrong.

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enti333 wrote May 13, 2015 at 8:10 AM

Hello. Have you tested this solution in custom list?...Are you using German language pack or some specific version of SharePoint 2013? Please send me info so I could test this. ....Send me more info on my email