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Version 1.0.3 - 3th May 2015:
Corrected some small problems and also added serialization so you are now able to access list with advanced lookup column from REST Services

Project Description:
I think that every SharePoint administrator or developer worked with SharePoint Lookup field. Really nice feature (From SharePoint 2010 with some improvements) and I used it in all my projects. But (Hmm...Why every time I must say but?:)I like SharePoint much, but I hate Microsoft SharePoint developers(maybe I can say project managers...not developers). They create nice feature from afar but if you look on this feature little closer you will see all around deficiency.

Have you ever had a dream about almost perfect Lookup field with crossite, cascade, filter, order by, autocomplete and many other features for free? This Advanced Lookup is for you.

Images in LookUp:


Cascade LookUp:

- easy to setup
- all standard functionality
- crossite lookup
- cascade lookup
- filtered lookup
- orderby lookup
- autocomplete
- display more fields from lookup list
- display images in lookup
- read only lookup
- inline highlighting

Adding Advanced LookUp to Lists:

Advanced Lookup configuration:


I think that configuration is very intuitive.
1. First you need to choose Site from which you want to get data
2. Then you need to choose List
3. After that you need to specify the field which will be displayed in Views
4. Next steps are advanced and you need to choose fields which will be displayed in combobox, then some configuration details and then you can add Caml query(Without <Where></Where>). Next You can add Order By (With <OrderBy></OrderBy>) syntax
5. If you want more you can specify the Cascade lookup. You need to write the name of other Lookup field in your list which is also included in another list from which you get data (For example: Country, City, Street). The name of cascade field must be same like in the list from which you get data.
6. You can also disable autocomplete and your combobox will be read only.

If you want to have images in Lookup field, you need to create in source list Hyperlink (picture) field. After that you can add in Description fields this field name.  


This Advanced lookup is only for SharePoint 2013 versions, not SharePoint online. I think that this solution will maybe work also in SharePoint 2010.
Please Test Advanced Lookup before you use it in Production!

Do you like this solution? Please make donation because this feature is for free:)

Download the wsp file.
2. Everything needed is included in wsp file so you just only need to Install it.
Management Shell:
   - Add-SPSolution c:\anjlab.sharepoint.richcontrols.wsp
3. After Successful Installation Deploy it from Central Administration to your Site Collection or from
Management Shell:
   - Install-SPSolution –Identity anjlab.sharepoint.richcontrols.wsp –WebApplication http://intranet –GACDeployment

What Need to be Done in future:
- Some new configuration features

If you will find any bugs or if you have problem with installation please let me know at or post your findings in Issue Tracker.

Thanks goes to:
Anjlab - SharePoint Guru
Lenka - SharePoint Guru
Matthew - SharePoint Guru

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